Terra and her twin sister Tana compete in track and field as well as bodybuilding.

Terra is also a football player.

Video Clips

  • Terra armwrestles Tom righty (hi res)
  • Terra armwrestles Tom righty
  • Terra armwrestles Tom lefty (hi res)
  • Terra armwrestles Tom lefty
  • Meet Terra (hi res)
  • Meet Terra
  • Terra measures her bicep (hi res)
  • Terra measures her bicep
  • Terra front double (hi res)
  • Terra front double
  • Terra right bicep (hi res)
  • Terra right bicep
  • Terra left bicep (hi res)
  • Terra left bicep
  • Terra back double (hi res)
  • Terra back double
  • Terra shows back (hi res)
  • Terra shows back
  • Terra right bi closeup (hi res)
  • Terra right bi closeup
  • Terra right arm (hi res)
  • Terra right arm
  • Terra left arm (hi res)
  • Terra left arm
  • Terra armwrestles righty (hi res)
  • Terra armwrestles righty
  • Terra armwrestles lefty (hi res)
  • Terra armwrestles lefty
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  • Terra in a Pink top
  • Terra in a Pink top
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